Hand lettering fun: We’re All in This Together


I’ve been an admirer of really good hand lettering like these for a while, but I really suck at drawing so I never did it myself.

A couple of months ago, I decided I was going to learn. The First Steps of Hand Lettering on Skillshare seemed to be a good place to start. My first efforts were a study in frustration – offensively terrible – but I went back to my inspiration (on Pinterest), and started carefully copying the works I admired. After a week of daily drawing, the marked improvement got me all stoked, and I got hooked. “We’re All in This Together” is the first work I inked and digitized.

From initial sketch, to a measured pencil drawing, to ink on vellum

(vellum maybe wasn’t the way to go – the rough lines you get are good for organic stuff, but not for precision):

all in this together stages

And then illustrator:

All in this together 3


Not horribly, I think.

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