CallidusCloud University

The company acquired an exciting new learning ecommerce platform to complement its award winning Litmos learning management system. We integrated it with our website to improve the way we promote and offer our product training.

  • Objective

    Our training team needed to automate they way they displayed and promoted product training, and the Litmos Training Ops team needed a live, killer implementation that they could demo to prospects. Two big birds, one stone.

  • Approach

    Using the Litmos Training Ops rest API along with Reactjs and PHP, I built a listing of training courses filterable by product and delivery method. The links to scheduled training take users to the Litmos Training Ops platform where our customers can login and purchase training.

    React made it easy and extensible to manage app state for multiple filters, and keep components encapsulated. The app is wrapped in a WordPress plugin so it can be used on multiple WordPress instances and ported for use in the Community and Portal platforms.

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