Marketing Automation Integration

I’ve participated in three Marketing Automation implementations and integrations – two as the project leader.

  • Objective

    Marketing Automation Implementations require some standard pieces:

    • Map the data to CRM
    • Migrate and integrate forms
    • Implement tracking
    • Migrate landing pages
    • Create workflows
    • Migrate email
  • Approach

    In order to optimize SEO, streamline process and standardize design, we decided to move more than 300 campaign landing pages from the marketing automation platform to WordPress. Our landing pages were outperforming the product pages they supported in organic search results, so we needed to move them into the site architecture where they could boost their parent product page rankings rather than separating them on a marketing automation platform subdomain.

  • Automating Landing Page Migration

    In the absense of an API to easily pull landing page data, I scraped all of our landing pages with Ruby and Nokogiri, organized and serialized the data for (somewhat) easy import into WordPress.

  • Automating Form Creation/Migration

    We simplified form creation by building form shortcodes in WordPress with Google Tag Manager triggers, ad script options, field choosers, validation, ajax submission options and all of the other tools our campaign and digital marketing team would need to optimize and customize.

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